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    What We Do

    What we do is provide a variety of counseling and behavioral health services to all ages and diverse multi-cultural backgrounds. We specialize in highly effective confidential treatment for a wide range of behavioral health challenges. We provided outpatient behavioral health services that uses evidenced based treatment modalities in various therapeutic settings: individual, couples, family or group.

    What is Psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. This varies depending on the personalities of the psychotherapist and client, as well as the particular problems and strengths you bring forward. It is important for you to choose the right therapist for you. There are many different methods our providers may use to deal with the problems that you hope to address. Psychotherapy is not like your physician visit. Instead, it calls for a very active effort on your part. In order for your therapy to be most successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our sessions and in between sessions. After gathering assessment information our approach is to identify the goals you have for therapy and to help you reach those goals.We would be more likely to help you identify options and possible consequences and overcome barriers. Once that was accomplished we would collaboratively work to move toward your goals. 

    Individual Counseling is a face-to-face service which is performed to assist persons who are experiencing significant functional impairment due to mental, emotional, behavioral condition and/or other disorders.  Individual counseling aids in increasing the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to perform activities of daily living, family and function in the community.  The individual counseling will aid in the person's self esteem, development and other cognitive abilities, with room to grow to their fullest  potential.  Family and other support resources are encouraged to be a part of treatment. 

    Family Counseling is to provide evidence based interventions and supportive services directed at developing, strengthening, and promoting healthy relationships.  The goal of the services is to enhance the relationship and foundation of the family unit. Other support resources are encourage to be a part of treatment.

    Couples/Marriage Counseling and Relationship Enhancement is used to assist in improving, enhancing and promoting healthy couple, marital and other types of relationships.  This service provides development giving a boost to communication skills, understanding intimacy, understanding emotions and needs of self and others, commitment, accountability, and enjoying relationships.  As well as dealing with the family dynamic show to become a blended family or the diminishing affects of divorce.  Family and other support systems are encouraged in treatment.

    Meaning and Fulfillment are you searching for meaning in your life, or feeling stuck? Are you adjusting to significant changes in your life? Do you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled? Do you question if you are achieving your potential? Are you experiencing transition and wonder if there is more? Or perhaps you want more out of life? And you have the desire to learn and grow personally and interpersonal. I can accompany you through your journey and help you succeed 

    Military Recovery, Family & Behavioral, PTSD is for our military personnel and families to aid in handling recovery from deployment and the relationship issues it can cause. We focus on work and self healing as well as the tools needed to be healthy and productive in all aspects of their return life. 

    Grief and Loss-Learn to grow in your life after a loss. Reduce your anxiety related to loss; self-regulation. Learn typical reactions to death. See how previous loss and tragedies affect the present. Learn support systems. Learn to communicate your needs during this time. Making a memorial. Creating a plan to live your life! 

    Active Parenting is to learn effective ways to use non-violent discipline techniques that work, improve communication with your children, teach responsibility and other important values, handle problems as they come up, cope with difficult topics such as drugs, violence, and sex, diffuse power struggles with your children, stimulate independence as your child grows older, build effective nurturing relationships in step-families, and encourage your children to be their very best!

    Group Therapy is to provide a therapeutic environment that is conducive to treatment and may address a variety of needs to include, but not limited to  behavioral and other conduct issues, sexual abuse, stressors and other life changes/events, family issues, parenting, anger management,  grief, interpersonal relationships,  mental health issues,  and other related issues that have been shown to be successfully treated within a group dynamic.  

    Below are just some of the issues, problems and concerns that our providers address:

    •  Complex Psychological Issues
    •  Depression/Anxiety 
    • Substance Abuse/Prevention Education
    • Trauma/PTSD  
    • Grief and Loss/Bereavement
    • Sexual Abuse 
    • Codependency 
    • Relationship Empowerment 
    • Self Esteem 
    • Attention Deficit
    • Mood Disorder
    • Parenting Enhancement
    • Divorce/Blended Families/Co-parenting 
    • Parent Child Conflicts
    • Family Conflicts/Issues
    • Anger Mgt/Impulse Control 
    • Stress Management 
    • Coping Skills
    • Life Skills
    • Peer Relationships 
    • Life Changes Men/Women's Issues  
    • Spirituality  
    • Social skills and much more...... ​

    Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or for more information.